LiteBITE Mouthguards, Team Dream, 30-Pack, with carry cases

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Product Overview

The LiteBITE is the only boil and bite made using precisely the same plastic that the dental labs use to produce custom mouthguards for which they charge you a small fortune. (One other company uses the correct material but stamps it out flat for a more awkward and strange-looking fit.) LiteBITE looks like (and actually IS) the same as those worn by professional athletes who wear the thin, light, flexible, clear mouthguards. While wearing LiteBITE, you can easily breathe, speak, and drink! It is so much better than the rest. Actually, it is better than the ones that the dental labs custom create for you, because their method produces a mouthguard that is precisely conformed to your teeth except that the bite surface is flat and therefore uncomfortable for your jaw after wearing a while; whereas, the LiteBITE's different fitting method gives you the impressions of your bottom teeth on the biting surface, making it much more comfortable for your jaw. 

We put together this quantity discount to make life easier for coaches and players! We want your players to be able to have the best quality mouthguard available, and we hope this will enable as many people as possible to have the protection they need with the fit and comfort they want!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review