NiteBITE Nightguard, Mouthguard for Grinding, Bruxism, 2-PACK, with carry cases!

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If you have been told by your dentist that you need to buy a custom mouthguard from him, but you know that it will be several hundred dollars and know you can't afford that, this is your solution! Truly. It is NOT made (as others are) by the injection molding process. That process is cheaper and faster, but it does NOT yield a mouthguard that you're looking for. (No matter how good their pictures look.) This is the only one available that is actually made from the same material that the dental labs use. And by a far more difficult process. And that's okay, but that's why no one else is making them this way. Here, you can buy for a fraction of the price a blank that you can boil and bite to get one that is incredibly identical to the one you would get from a dentist, but more comfortable (most people report) because the one from the dentist doesn't have the impressions of the bite surface of your bottom teeth; this does because of the way that you form it and that makes it more comfortable to wear. Try it!  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review