NiteBITE Nightguard, Mouthguard for Bruxism and Teeth-Grinding with carry case!

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When your dentist says to you, "You are going to need to buy a custom mouthguard," and you think, "I CANNOT afford several hundred dollars!" The LiteBITE is the ONLY product available that is made from the same material that dental labs use, so you can fit yours far more inexpensively at home with the same custom fit.

_Many LiteBITE wearers have reported that they PREFER the LiteBITE to one from a lab because this fitting method gives you the impressions of your bottom teeth on the biting surface--the one from the lab is fairly smooth on the surface--so with LiteBITE, apparently their jaws are way less sore in the morning!

-Light, flexible, thin, clear comfortable


This product is an excellent solution for those who need to buy a quality guard that the dentist requires, made from that material, but for a fraction of that cost. This is an absolutely incredible product!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review